(1997 – 1998)

Cast // Igrali so (se):

  Liza Doolittle // Petra Kežman
Prof. Henry Higgins // Marko Žličar
Colonel Pickering // Blaž Slivnik
Freddy // Matej Ogrizek
Mr Doolittle // Matej Ogrizek
Mrs Higgins // Valerija Ravnak
Passer-by // Valerija Ravnak
Mrs Pearce // Laura Kerin
Passer-by // Laura Kerin
Mrs Eynsford Hill // Melita Pingar
Miss Clara E.Hill // Milena Lipovšek
The Bystander // Brigita Mastnak
The Parlormaid // Brigita Mastnak

  Directed by // Zijah A. Sokolović
  Assistant director //  Karen Polimac Dobovišek
  Music // Bojan Jurjevčič – Jurki
  Coreographer // Miha Lampič
Costume consultant // Barbara Kapelj


Pigmalion, George Bernard Shaw

LIZA : I wish you’d left me where you found me.

HIGGINS : I can do without anybody. I have my own soul: my own spark of divine fire… I shall miss you. Eliza.

LIZA: I won’t care for anybody doesn’t care for me.

HIGGINS: Yes: in six months – in three if she has a good ear and a quick tongue – I’ll take her anywhere and pass her off as anything.

LIZA: I sold flowers. I didn’t sell myself. Now you’ve made a lady of me. I’m not fit to sell anything else.

HIGGINS: Why not?

Mrs PEARCE: … you can’t take a girl up like that as if you were picking up a pebble on the beach.


Performing in England and Ireland!
Gostovanje v Angliji in na Irskem!


The group with their mentors
Skupina z mentorjema



Rehearsal with Zijah A. Sokolović
Na vajah z Zijahom A. Sokolovićem